Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wrapping up my semester, I have two more drawings to present.

This first drawing is in response to my artist and influences research, which has been recorded in my previous posting. The artist I chose to emulate is Arthur Rackham because his illustration style is similar to my use of color, line, and medium. In this piece, I used water color, ink wash, and pen to create a similar feel as to Rackham's. My use of color ended up to be more vibrant, as I am not well-practiced with this medium and did not successfully achieve the desaturated color pallet. If I were to re-attempt this piece, I would probably do a brow-gray wash over the paper instead of applying my work directly onto the white paper.

As for content, I tried to keep similar subject matter as Rackham, but at the same time allow for my own point of view to be expressed. The bird in the cage suspended from the tree may be interpreted many ways, but I personally was reflecting on how humans are intended to be free beings, as we have free will, thought and opinions, but are often hindered by our environment, the place we were meant to be free within. Perhaps the caged-bird is slightly cliche imagery... I just found it to resonate with my philosophies and Rackham's subject matter.

The second piece is a drawing that I have executed as a serigraphy piece. It began as a very gestural sketch, drawn on a Wacomb screen and colored in through the same method. This piece is intended to be a self portrait on a number of levels. The woman is reminiscent of myself, but not a literal interpretation. The concept of a wearable birdcage was actually derived from my senior industrial design project, which I think tends to bring myself of an artist full circle. In one of my earlier entries, I mentioned my struggle with claiming myself to be either an artist or designer. Despite what other philosophies are present in the art society, I am a firm believer that someone can be both an artist and designer, and that the two circles often overlap each other in the individual's work. I have designed pieces that I don't connect with my artist view, but this area is very gray and it's hard to identify a line.

I enjoy this piece as the content and style of drawing is very true to my character. In an ideal world, I would be able to wear this birdcage on my head. (My bird already hangs around in my hair as is.)

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